Subcommittees & councils

Working to advance and improve healthcare policies in Utah.


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Strengthening policies for the healthcare workforce

The Health Workforce Advisory Council provides information and recommendations to expand and strengthen Utah's health workforce. Each of the subcommittees and councils work to deepen the HWAC's impact in specific focus areas.

Legislative review subcommittee

The Legislative review Subcommittee, chaired by Teresa Garrett, worked with the subcommittee to review relevant health workforce related legislative priorities, track legislation through the legislative process and prepare an initial comment for the HWAC to adopt and publish to the public.
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Data review subcommittee

The Data Subcommittee, chaired by Mark Steinagel  adopted the Utah Cross Professional Minimum Data Set (UCPMDS), a data collection and reporting system that will accompany relicensure applications for medical professionals. The Data Subcommittee worked with the Health Workforce information Center (HWIC) collecting and disseminating information. The HWIC, a partner of HWAC, analyzes health workforce data and works with the HWAC staff to publishes reports to inform policies related to the supply and demand of Utah’s health workforce professions.
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The Utah Medical Education Council

The Utah Medical Education Council (UMEC) , through H.B.176 became a subcommittee of the HWAC but continues to function as they previously have. UMEC conducts healthcare workforce research to advise on Utah’s healthcare training needs, and to influence graduate medical education financing policies.
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