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NHSC loan repayment is open and better than ever!

NHSC has increased award amounts up to $75,000, and added a $5,000 award enhancement for clinicians who demonstrate Spanish-language proficiency. Apply by May 9!

Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program

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Rural Physicians Loan Repayment Program

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National Health Service Corps

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Educational loan repayment programs

PCRH administers loan repayment programs (LRPs) in Utah to assist healthcare providers in paying off their student loans while working in rural and/or underserved parts of Utah. 

  • Loan repayment programs incentivize talented providers to stay in Utah.
  • Programs accept applications from medical, behavioral, and oral healthcare providers.
  • PCRH works with hospitals and clinics in rural and underserved areas of Utah to help them recruit and retain practitioners.
  • Financial support ranges from $900 - $120,000. 
  • Awards are available for full-time and part-time providers.

Presentations available

College and University faculty may reach out to request a presentation about Utah's loan repayment program. Presentations last up to 30 minutes and provide students with information about loan repayment and career opportunities for when they enter the healthcare workforce.

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“Student loans are a mental weight from the time they are taken out until they are paid off. Despite the education being far worth the cost, they still influence every decision and cause stress at every life change. Knowing that I have help to pay them off has been a huge relief and motivated me to continue serving my patients while enjoying my job.” 
Ashley Jensen, Physician Assistant at Exodus Healthcare Network, and loan repayment recipient

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Rachel Devine
Workforce Development Specialist 

Codes and rules

Read about the codes and rules that govern this program.

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