Utah Primary Care Grants

Awarding grants to public and non-profit entities for providing primary healthcare to medically underserved populations.

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About the program

The Utah Primary Care Grant Program (UPCGP), administered by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services Primary Care and Rural Health (PCRH) office, awards grants to private entities—including for profit and not for profit entities—to fund primary healthcare to medically underserved populations in Utah. 

The application cycle

This application cycle is closed until spring of 2025.

Progress report

Agencies who are awarded the grant are required to submit quarterly progress reports to demonstrate their impact within their communities. Progress reports must demonstrate the volume of patients who benefit from the services provided, the quality of care, their outcomes and how this program has helped agencies achieve their goals. The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health also invites agencies to submit anecdotal stories to help demonstrate the success of the program to funders and legislators.

Progress reports are submitted every quarter. If you are wondering when your next progress report is due, details can be found in Attachment B of your contract.

“As recipients of the Utah Primary Care Grant Program, we are grateful for this generous opportunity, and for helping us serve some of Utah’s most vulnerable patients. We are confident that with this support, Creek Valley Health Clinic will change more lives going forward.”
Hunter Adams, CEO of Creek Valley Health Clinic

Program contact info

Robbin Williams
Health System Specialist 

Codes and rules

Read about the codes and rules that govern this program.

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