Primary Care Office

Supporting access to primary care services in Utah.
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Addressing the primary care needs of Utah

The purpose of the Primary Care Office (PCO) is to assess and address the primary care needs throughout the state with regard to access to primary care services. We provide technical and non-financial assistance to vulnerable populations identified through our assessments and to the primary care, dental, and mental health care providers who serve them. We do this by coordinating with partners to address the needs we find, processing NHSC and J-1 Visa Waiver applications to increase provider recruitment and retention for those areas, and responding to program inquiries. We strive to allocate federal resources to vulnerable areas by designating health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) and medically underserved areas and populations (MUA/Ps).

Shortage Designations

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National Health Service Corps
(Loan repayment, scholarship, NURSE Corps)

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J-1 Visa Waivers (foreign physicians)

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