Utah's Rural Veterans Health Access Program

Connecting veterans with healthcare resources in rural communities of Utah.

Photo credit: Eric Johansen



The State Funded Rural Veterans Health Access Program (RVHAP) supports two programs covering 11 rural counties:

  1. Six County Association of Governments (AOG) Veterans Directed-Home and Community Based Benefits Program: This program assists veterans with barriers to their healthcare access and promotes connections among the VA and rural health clinics.
  2. Utah State University Cover to Cover program (C2C).  The C2C program provides training to agency staff to create paths for veterans within their community to learn more about VA benefits and how to get connected to those benefits.

    2020 Needs Assessment

    Read the 2020 Rural Veterans Health Access Program Needs Assessment.
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    Program contact info

    Robbin Williams
    Health System Specialist

    Codes and rules

    Read about the codes and rules that govern this program.

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